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Healthy Cook: Better Ways to Snack in the Office or After School

A few cookies or a candy bar is quick and easy, however, they are loaded with empty calories.  Snacks don’t have to be empty calories and, with a little planning,

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Medical Advice: The keys to unlocking a healthy mouth

FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL DENTAL HEALTH MONTH and a great time to remind individuals about the importance of good dental health and hygiene. It’s easy to take our teeth for granted;

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Pop Quiz: Is your kitchen a nutrition crime scene?

 Find out how much you REALLY know about food safety. One in six people in the United States are still getting food poisoning, leading to 100,000 hospital stays and 3,000

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Healthy Cook: Made with love

 Classic ‘go-to’ nutrition for the sick “I don’t feel good. I don’t want t-h-a-a-t. Don’t we have something e-l-s-e?” “Wid a cod in de node I can’t taste anyding, anyway.”

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Healthy Cook: Going nuts for better nutrition and weight loss

  Being a health nut is a lifestyle people will want to embrace for the New Year – literally. Study after study for reducing heart disease risk, improving the body’s

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Healthy Cook: Fill up, feel good, and get fit with a plum satisfying food

  Want a cheap, portable and healthy treat for the busy days of summer? Nutrition experts say to stock up on dried plums. Sweet, earthy and luscious on the inside