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Q&A with Annette Hutcherson, MN, EdD, CNE

On What It Takes to Become a Nurse Annette Hutcherson— also known as Dr. H— has been with Polk State College for 28 years, serving as the Nursing Program director

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Q&A with Erin Brown, Emergency Room Nurse

On What It Takes to Be a Nurse   Emergency Room nurse Erin Brown, RN is dedicated to her patients at the Lake Wales Medical Center (LWMC).  In January, she was

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Answering the call of nursing

Local RNs talk about what it takes to provide excellent patient care SOME JOBS ARE MORE than an occupation; they are a calling. Nursing is one of those professions; it

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Pop quiz on getting a nursing education

Test your knowledge before you join this fast-growing field THEY’RE EVERYWHERE: in schools, hospitals, in our homes, at the doctor’s offices, in military installations, and more. They’re nurses, and they

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Q & A: What it takes to work on the front lines of patient care

Paula Miller talks about the challenges and rewards of being a nurse There to get you settled when you arrive, and there to discharge you when you leave, nurses are