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Word of Mouth: Resolve to have better teeth this year

’TIS THE SEASON for resolutions, and the most common resolutions that people make is for better health. If your resolution this year includes a commitment to being the healthiest you

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The Heart of the Matter: A heart-to-heart talk about genuine resolutions

WE’VE ALL been guilty of it at least once before. The New Year comes and goes, and we say to ourselves, “This year will be different. I’m going to get

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PCMA Letter: My last letter as your president

IN THIS EDITION of Central Florida Health News magazine, you’ll read about some of the procedures that not only help improve the patient’s physical health, but also quality of life,

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Word of Mouth: Good tricks to know and treats you should keep to a minimum

FROM HALLOWEEN to the New Year, it seems as though both our mouths and our waistlines are bombarded with treats, sweets, and high-calorie foods. If you do nothing else this

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Word of Mouth: How to get a great smile for the New Year

SMILES ARE IMPORTANT. They say a smile can look like a million bucks or can make another feel like a million bucks … the advantages are endless. Whichever saying you

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Healthy Cook: Busting resolution diet myths

IN THE NEW YEAR I will … In the new year I won’t … Sound familiar? It’s the new year’s resolution. We make ’em. We break ’em. And we feel

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PCMA Letter: Hot topics of the new year

At the beginning of the New Year, we like to address some of the topics that are on the tip of everyone’s tongues. This edition of Central Florida Doctor addresses

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As a New Year Dawns

As a New Year dawns and we prepare for the many changes that 2014 will bring to the medical industry, I wanted to take a moment to share some interesting

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A New Year at the PCMA

Q&A with President Dr. Arvind Soni At the closing of 2013, the Polk County Medical Association (PCMA) welcomed a new president. Dr. Arvind Soni took a few moments to share