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Midtown Dental Expands in Response to Overwhelming Customer Demand

Dr. Nicole Klein Joins the Midtown Dental Team Lakeland, FL – January 2018 – In response to an overwhelming influx in patients Midtown Dental has expanded in multiple ways. “As


Wine: Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Wine is a favorite beverage of many people, and the various studies indicating wine’s heart healthfulness have been greeted with cheers. However, while the antioxidants in certain wines may be

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Word of Mouth: The importance of being earnest about flossing

FLOSSING LIKELY IS NOT your favorite part of your oral routine, but it’s necessary for tip-top oral health. Flossing reaches spots between your teeth that your toothbrush just can’t get.

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Word of Mouth: Facts and myths about wisdom teeth — what you need to know

WHEN IT COMES to wisdom teeth and myths, the tall tales rank right up there with toads causing warts! You’ll hear a lot of information about wisdom teeth, but not

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Word of Mouth: Myths About Implants Debunked, Part III — Are they affordable?

IN MY LAST TWO COLUMNS, we debunked some common myths about the practicality and effectiveness of dental implants. Now let’s talk affordability. Nearly 70 percent of adults have lost a

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Word of Mouth: Myths about implants debunked, Part I: Are they practical?

DENTAL IMPLANTS are a viable option for most patients experiencing tooth loss. Fused with the patient’s jaw, implants can replace bridges and dentures, and they look and feel very natural.

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Word of Mouth: Resolve to have better teeth this year

’TIS THE SEASON for resolutions, and the most common resolutions that people make is for better health. If your resolution this year includes a commitment to being the healthiest you

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Word of Mouth: All I want for Christmas is a better smile

A BEAUTIFUL SMILE brightens your look like a Christmas tree lights up a room. However, many people feel uncomfortable with their smiles due to cosmetic issues, like uneven teeth spacing,

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Word of Mouth: Good tricks to know and treats you should keep to a minimum

FROM HALLOWEEN to the New Year, it seems as though both our mouths and our waistlines are bombarded with treats, sweets, and high-calorie foods. If you do nothing else this

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Word of Mouth: Your dentist is key to early cancer detection

IT SEEMS LIKE you hear about many different kinds of cancers these days, but one that isn’t being talked about enough is oral cancer. Cancer in the mouth and throat