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Medical Advice: Keep vaccines between you and disease

“A NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” is the motto for many as they make their New Year’s resolutions. For some, this means changing their look or adopting healthier habits. These are

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Pediatric Health: The decision to vaccinate

THE RECENT CASES of measles at Disneyland have sparked a nationwide conversation about the decision to vaccinate and its impact on the health of our country’s children.

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PCMA Letter: Here to help you live a safe and healthy life

AS PHYSICIANS, we understand that healthy lifestyle choices are key to a long and fruitful life. It’s important to look at all aspects of your daily health routine, including how

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Medical Advice: What you need to know about the measles

IT SEEMS AS THOUGH infectious illnesses have led the evening news for the last several weeks. Currently, the increase in the number of measles cases across the country is dominating

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Pediatric Health: Staying on schedule with your child’s vaccinations

VACCINATIONS PROTECT against many infections, including pertussis, mumps, measles, and even polio and diphtheria. Despite the fact that many of these diseases now seem archaic, it is important that your