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Can giving a compliment impact my confidence?

IF YOU NEED CONFIDENCE, one of the quickest ways to achieve it is to look for the good in others and compliment them. Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? How could that

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Think of your vacation as a vaca-shun

THERE’S A REASON PEOPLE need vacations and recreation. Vacate and re-create! Think of it as a vaca-shun. Shun the things that bother you. Take in the new. When you’re away,

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Mental Health Moment: Isolation is alienation

Get out and about or stay in and be grim! WE USE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT to punish people. In fact, we put a limit in this country to how long we

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Mental health moment: Meditation is medication

IT’S TRUE. Certain kinds of meditation may work better for you than others. If you’re anxious about the future, a guided imagery meditation — about visualizing what you want —