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Samantha Haverty Wiemer shares the story of her fight against breast cancer

A fighter’s take on the disease and her four keys to survival HOW DO YOU TELL YOUR CHILD you have been diagnosed with breast cancer — especially when that child

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Medical Advice: Your breast cancer fast facts and why raising awareness is so important

FAR TOO MANY families know the worry, fear, and anguish when a friend, family member or loved one receives a cancer diagnosis. Some people reading this article may have been

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PCMA Letter: Getting the word out

OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness month and, to help educate the community about early detection, this edition features some important stories you’ll want to read. We at the Polk County

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Hospice Help: Aging gracefully — it’s not just about your looks

IT SEEMS AS THOUGH wherever you look — driving on the highway, watching television, or surfing the Internet — there is an advertisement for a cream, potion, or injection that

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Supporting a cause that helps save lives

| We Care Think Pink and the Susan G. Komen Race (or Sleep-in) for the Cure | BREAST CANCER AFFECTS NEARLY one in eight women at some point during their