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Family Health: Beat the heat with summer safety tips for health and wellness

FLORIDA IS NOTORIOUS for its hot, humid weather. During the summer months, take care to protect yourself from the elements. High temps are dangerous for those who are prone to

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Healthy Skin: Give your body a gift after the holidays — inside and out

IT’S THAT TIME of year again. Huge dinners and parties with family and co-workers, and yet dieting is on your mind. We all think it and maybe you are considering

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Making senior health a walk in the park

A Q&A with Dr. Manuel Jain on prevention and safety as you age CENTRAL FLORIDA HEALTH NEWS (CFHN): What do you share with your senior patients about the importance of

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Turning your home into a gym

How to get active without spending big dollars Filled with good intentions about losing weight or improving your health, you may rush to the store and pick up a $1,200 rowing

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Don’t look, I’m exercising!

  The Challenge of Going to the Gym for the Body Conscious The locker room isn’t the only scary place in the fitness center. The workout areas present their own