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Reason to say ‘Cheese’

Technological advances and affordability give local patients more options in dental care DIANNE TANNER was wearing dentures at 21. Her family couldn’t afford regular dental visits when she was growing

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Medical Advice: The keys to unlocking a healthy mouth

FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL DENTAL HEALTH MONTH and a great time to remind individuals about the importance of good dental health and hygiene. It’s easy to take our teeth for granted;

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Healthy Smiles: Diabetes and your oral health

PEOPLE WITH DIABETES tend to have more serious cases of oral disease, which can trigger diabetic complications. That’s why your dentist is so important as part of your health team.

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Word of Mouth: Resolve to have better teeth this year

’TIS THE SEASON for resolutions, and the most common resolutions that people make is for better health. If your resolution this year includes a commitment to being the healthiest you

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Healthy Smiles: From brides and grooms to dads and grads, we design beautiful smiles

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY or graduation day, the only thing that will stand out more than your gown or tux, is your beaming smile! Soon, you’ll be creating memories and

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Healthy Smiles: What does an oral exam include?

MANY OF US don’t think twice about the oral exam. Some people just assume that the dentist is only looking for cavities. Well, there’s a lot more to the oral

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Healthy Smiles: Why is it so important to have a hygienist clean your teeth?

MANY PEOPLE often ask us why it is so important to have a hygienist clean your teeth at least every six months. Here are some answers that often help my

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Healthy Cook: Food that helps keep teeth strong

WE EACH GET one set of permanent teeth. At least, we hope they are permanent. More than just brushing and flossing can help us keep them pearly white, strong, and