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Q&A on stopping dental problems before they start

Doug Harvey, dental program manager at FDOH-Polk, talks preventive care to help you remain the picture of oral health FIRST IMPRESSIONS are the currency of our culture, and you want

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Healthy Smiles: Diabetes and your oral health

PEOPLE WITH DIABETES tend to have more serious cases of oral disease, which can trigger diabetic complications. That’s why your dentist is so important as part of your health team.

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Word of Mouth: Good tricks to know and treats you should keep to a minimum

FROM HALLOWEEN to the New Year, it seems as though both our mouths and our waistlines are bombarded with treats, sweets, and high-calorie foods. If you do nothing else this

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Word of Mouth: Your dentist is key to early cancer detection

IT SEEMS LIKE you hear about many different kinds of cancers these days, but one that isn’t being talked about enough is oral cancer. Cancer in the mouth and throat

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Healthy Smiles: Preventive care can save your money and your health

PREVENTIVE CARE care can save you thousands! It sounds incredible, but it’s true! Brushing your teeth for two full minutes and taking another minute flossing, twice a day, can help

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Word of Mouth: ‘Wise’ advice for back-to-school oral care

WHILE WISDOM TEETH don’t make you smarter, they do usually come in when you are in your late teens or early 20s — a time when you’re expected to start

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Word of Mouth: The warnings of sensitive teeth

Any doctor or dentist will tell you that pain is a warning sign your body is sending to tell you something is amiss. Tooth sensitivity is no different. The sharp,

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Word of Mouth: The dangers of tobacco for your oral health

IT’S NO SECRET that smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know that it can be especially devastating to your oral health, too? Smoking has a negative effect

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Healthy Smiles: What does an oral exam include?

MANY OF US don’t think twice about the oral exam. Some people just assume that the dentist is only looking for cavities. Well, there’s a lot more to the oral

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Word of Mouth: More to lose than just a tooth

MANY ADULTS will lose a tooth or have one pulled at some point in time. While losing a tooth can be a less-than-desirable experience, you and your dentist still have