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Hospice Help: How to cope during the holidays

IT IS NOT EASY to deal with grief and loss at any time of the year, but the holidays heighten these emotions. The following tips will help lessen the feeling

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Hospice Help: Raising awareness about hospice

AN UNFOUNDED misconception by most people is the following: Hospice care only occurs within the last 72 hours in the life of a person who has a life-limiting disease. NOT

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Hospice Help: The Big C word

THE BIG C WORD … unfortunately, in this day and age, we all know what this euphemism means, and we all know someone who has been touched by cancer. But

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Medicare and end-of-life care: What’s changing?

New proposed policy encourages the process of advanced-care planning END-OF-LIFE DECISIONS are complicated and fraught with emotion, but a recent announcement by Medicare will hopefully offer some clarity to those

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Hospice Help: Protection from the flu

AS THE SUMMER MONTHS wind down and Labor Day fasts approaches, it is almost a rite of passage that we begin to notice the promotion of flu vaccine availability. But

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Hospice Help: Hospice myth busting

WHEN MOST PEOPLE hear the word “hospice,” they immediately associate the provided care as being intimately tied to hours, or if lucky, days before death. Then there is also the

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Hospice Help: Wake up, guys! It’s Men’s Health Month

LET’S FACE IT, as men, we find time for a round of golf, making a run to a home improvement store, or spending a Sunday afternoon with our family. But

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Hospice Help: Aging gracefully — it’s not just about your looks

IT SEEMS AS THOUGH wherever you look — driving on the highway, watching television, or surfing the Internet — there is an advertisement for a cream, potion, or injection that

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Hospice Help: Preparing yourself for the final chapters

EACH AND EVERY DAY, we make hundreds of decisions. We decide what time to wake up in the morning, which shoes to wear, what to have for dinner, or what

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PCMA Letter: Staying healthy as you age doesn’t have to be puzzling

THIS EDITION of Central Florida Health News, the Senior Edition, addresses essential health conditions for you to consider (both for the present and as you age). Some of these topics