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Healthy Skin: Give your body a gift after the holidays — inside and out

IT’S THAT TIME of year again. Huge dinners and parties with family and co-workers, and yet dieting is on your mind. We all think it and maybe you are considering

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More than dieting and exercise: How Maryemma made a lifestyle change

MAKING LIFESTYLE CHANGES that result in a healthier weight is never easy to do. Many who are overweight or obese will only decide to do something about it once they

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Heart disease warnings for women

| Don’t believe you’re not at risk; do believe you can improve your odds | WOMEN HAVE A MEASURE of built-in protection against heart disease — as long as their

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Pop Quiz: Are you setting realistic fitness goals?

Nine questions to help you get on your way to success Diets, exercise, gym memberships… getting fit is a goal that many people share, yet few achieve. Obesity is a

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Pop Quiz: Finding your child’s fitness level

Do you know activity level your child should be at and what are the best kid-approved activities? We all know that we need to get in shape and stay in

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Let’s get physical

POP QUIZ: How Physically Active Are You? The statistics show the truth— Americans aren’t getting enough physical activity in their daily lives. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports

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Put your body into it!

Bodyweight Training: A Tool to Getting the Athletic Look While Feeling Better Everybody would like a body that is more flexible and athletic, but what if the way to attain

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Survival of the fittest for the holidays

Staying Focused on the Right Routine for the Best Results In the midst of holiday shopping and parties, it’s easy to rationalize skipping or postponing your regular workout. Don’t! “Stay

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Planning ahead for holiday meals

Ways to enjoy the food without adding to the waistline The average Thanksgiving meal packs a 2,000-3,000 calorie punch, but you needn’t let it knock you off balance when it

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Turning your home into a gym

How to get active without spending big dollars Filled with good intentions about losing weight or improving your health, you may rush to the store and pick up a $1,200 rowing