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In My Opinion: Weighing in on a path to medicine founded in the U.S. Military

In your opinion, how did you experience in the U.S. Armed Forces help prepare you for your current field of medicine? And how do you feel the experience gained from

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Improving health outcomes through medication adherence

  The goal of modern healthcare is essentially a positive lifestyle change. Doctors want to encourage effective behavior change to improve the health and quality of life for their patients.

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In my opinion: Doctors talk about patient noncompliance

In your opinion, what are the most common reasons when patients do not adhere to their medication schedule or treatment plan? Non-adherence to medical advice is a major obstacle to

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For him: Taking time to take care of yourself

Local Doctors (and Dads) Share How to Open the Door to a Longer, Healthier Life Fatherhood has many joys, but the stress of being a leader, provider, problem-solver, fix-it man,

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Kicking the smoking habit for good

A resolution easier said than done, but not impossible With the holidays behind us, we stand at the threshold of another New Year. In an effort to improve our lives

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Put your dirty hands in the air

  Give Bad Bacteria the Stick Up with these Simple Steps Germs. The uninvited guest. The invisible menace. They are everywhere, even in places that look spotless. So how can