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Trauma System Battles

New Regulations for Trauma Centers in Florida Earlier this year, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that could end the recent legal drama surrounding Florida’s trauma centers. The compromise

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How Joan and Robert are conquering cardiac distress

One couple shares their patient-doctor relationship and its role in their quality of life THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF HEROES in this world. From the fictional sort we all know

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More than dieting and exercise: How Maryemma made a lifestyle change

MAKING LIFESTYLE CHANGES that result in a healthier weight is never easy to do. Many who are overweight or obese will only decide to do something about it once they

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Top Docs Feature: Q&A with Delanie and Gordon Watson

Patients talk with CFHN about their healthcare provider, Dr. Japinder Singh “MY HUSBAND was very, very sick when I met him,” says Delaine Watson. Gordon had all manner of problems

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First impressions of our daughter’s new specialist

WE HEARD IT growing up from our mothers all the time, but we didn’t quite understand the true significance of it. As adults, we begin to see the value in

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Healthy Skin: The most common reason people visit the doctor

DID YOU KNOW that skin conditions are the most common reason why people visit their doctor? If you think about it, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. It is,

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Men’s health through the generations

From grandfather to grandson, turning healthy choices into habits IT’S A HEALTH-CONSCIOUS AGE we live in, as study after study shows the short and long-term benefits of eating healthy, exercising,

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Word of Mouth: The dangers of tobacco for your oral health

IT’S NO SECRET that smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know that it can be especially devastating to your oral health, too? Smoking has a negative effect

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Take it from a nurse who knows!

Four things you should expect during your hospital stay FROM THE TIME you arrive and are admitted, throughout your treatment, and until the time you are discharged, there are some

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Pop Quiz: Preventing prescription drug abuse in your home

IT’S A STARTLING FACT: Prescription drug abuse is a problem that affects people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse oftentimes occurs in the home, with pills and