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Midtown Dental Expands in Response to Overwhelming Customer Demand

Dr. Nicole Klein Joins the Midtown Dental Team Lakeland, FL – January 2018 – In response to an overwhelming influx in patients Midtown Dental has expanded in multiple ways. “As

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Word of Mouth: Myths about implants debunked, Part I: Are they practical?

DENTAL IMPLANTS are a viable option for most patients experiencing tooth loss. Fused with the patient’s jaw, implants can replace bridges and dentures, and they look and feel very natural.

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Healthy Smiles: Diabetes and your oral health

PEOPLE WITH DIABETES tend to have more serious cases of oral disease, which can trigger diabetic complications. That’s why your dentist is so important as part of your health team.

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Healthy Smiles: From brides and grooms to dads and grads, we design beautiful smiles

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY or graduation day, the only thing that will stand out more than your gown or tux, is your beaming smile! Soon, you’ll be creating memories and

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Healthy Smiles: How well do you and your partner sleep?

SNORING IS NO is no laughing matter. We all know someone who snores. Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep, which can lead to daytime fatigue, irritability, poor behavior,