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Healthy Smiles: Preventive care can save your money and your health

PREVENTIVE CARE care can save you thousands! It sounds incredible, but it’s true! Brushing your teeth for two full minutes and taking another minute flossing, twice a day, can help

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Word of Mouth: When it’s NOT good to be sensitive!

Sensitivity is a desirable trait in many situations these days, but that’s definitely not the case when it concerns your teeth. Experiencing continued sensitivity in your teeth is a sign

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The technology behind a healthier smile

In the field of dentistry, two treatment options have made significant advances in the technology behind a healthier smile: laser gum treatment and dental implants. Four out of five adults

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3 dangers of tooth loss and poor fitting dentures

Danger #1: Dentures increase your risk of heart disease and oral cancer While tooth loss may seem like a small problem compared with other health issues, it is often the