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Editor’s Dose: Daily steps toward a healthier heart — so you don’t skip a beat

IN MY FAMILY, there is a history of a blood disease, which causes the person to produce too many red blood cells. This, in turn, causes the blood to be

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Editor’s Dose: A thank-you note to teachers and educators

AS A MOTHER, you experience so many emotions on the first day of school. You want your child to be excited, confident, and safe. But, you also have a countless

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Editor’s Dose: Keeping kids’ bodies and minds active this summer

WHEN I FIRST had the twins, my mom would say, “Have a schedule for them, or they’ll have a schedule for you.” Basically, she was cautioning that I’d better keep

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Editor’s Dose: A thank-you letter to nurses

FROM MID-FEBRUARY to about mid-April, my family was at the doctor’s office a lot. The late-spreading flu season (although none of us in our household ever actually caught the flu

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Editor’s Dose: An allergy alert and chemosis cautions

WELL, I THINK IT’S SAFE to say that spring has most definitely sprung. It’s that time of year when you walk outside your door and notice your car has a

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Editor’s Dose: Tips for getting the little kids to eat seafood

WHAT IS IT that makes peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese the universally-accepted kid food? As a grown adult who came from a non-fish

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Editor’s Dose: Four things to help you reduce anxiety

BETWEEN WORK AND FAMILY, I think you’ll agree when I say it’s easy to feel the stress. When to-do lists are growing faster than you can cross off the items,

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Editor’s Dose: Five habits that will help you feel (and look) better

WHEN I START to feel sluggish and stressed, there are a few steps I take to help get me back on track. Consequently, these steps also always help my appearance,

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Editor’s Dose: What’s being served up at this year’s FMA Annual Meeting?

The Florida Medical Association’s Annual Meeting will boast a full schedule from July 31 to August 2. Held at the Disney Yacht and Beach Club in Orlando, attendees will be

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First impressions of our daughter’s new specialist

WE HEARD IT growing up from our mothers all the time, but we didn’t quite understand the true significance of it. As adults, we begin to see the value in