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Q & A: What it takes to work on the front lines of patient care

Paula Miller talks about the challenges and rewards of being a nurse There to get you settled when you arrive, and there to discharge you when you leave, nurses are

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Thinking outside the bubbles

You’ve heard the expression “now that’s thinking outside the box,” I’m sure. CFHN TIP! Check out what some of our team does on a regular basis to stay healthy. David:

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Healthcare workers in demand

A look at local opportunities from the ground up As baby boomers age, there will be more job opportunities in healthcare in Central Florida.  Nurses likely will continue to be

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PCMA Letter: A closer look at the health industry and avoiding mosquito mayhem

Inside this special edition of Central Florida Health News, we take a look at our area’s careers in health.  Inside these pages, you’ll get a glimpse of the demand for