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The Heart of the Matter: Recommendations from the USPSTF for low-dose aspirin use

LOW-DOSE ASPIRIN has long been a therapy for those with a risk of cardiovascular disease, and studies have shown it to be effective at lowering the risk of colorectal cancer

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Growing young with grandchildren

How interaction with children can keep you sharp as you age “AN HOUR with your grandchildren can make you feel young again.” Grandparents like Susan Sartain, a marketing and communications

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The Heart of the Matter: The most life-threatening misconception of a heart attack

WHEN THE TOPIC of a myocardial infarction arises — commonly known as a heart attack — most people think of a middle-aged man clutching at his chest in pain and

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How Joan and Robert are conquering cardiac distress

One couple shares their patient-doctor relationship and its role in their quality of life THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF HEROES in this world. From the fictional sort we all know

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Giving strength a boost and giving the ails of aging the boot

American College of Sports Medicine recommends weightlifting for senior health SENIOR CITIZENS, take note: A recent study shows you can boost brain power and bone density by pumping iron.

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The Heart of the Matter: New study gives women one more good reason to get their mammograms

AS A CARDIOLOGIST who sees many female patients, I encourage all of them to receive regular mammograms in order to take preventive action and precautions against breast cancer. However, a

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Removing trans fats from the U.S. food supply

National and local medical experts applaud the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision AMERICA IS ABOUT to get healthier, and medical professionals nationwide couldn’t be happier. Two years after declaring