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Common dieting pitfalls along the path to healthy weight loss

ASK A PHYSICIAN WHO KNOWS! WEIGHT LOSS IS NEVER an easy prospect, but oftentimes it’s made even harder by our own foibles. There are many “dieting” missteps when it comes

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Replacing candy with better-for-you snacks

Healthy Options Headed for Local School Vending Machines Fat-free and soy yogurts, granola bars, fruit and grain bars, and soy crisps may become standard fare at some Polk County public

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Sweet tips for controlling candy consumption

Easter guidelines to keep kids from eating too many empty calories You were feeling generous when you bought those gargantuan Easter baskets, expecting that would be more than enough candy

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Sweets and sour news for kids

Certain Candies Are as Acidic as Battery Acid on Kids’ Teeth Peering into kids’ mouths every day, pediatric dentists have noticed an alarmingly widespread problem of late. Something is eating