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Medical Advice: Swimming safety reminders for the water-bound

THE FLORIDA SUMMER is upon us, which means bathing suit and barbeque season is here. Summer swimming is the perfect way to cool off from the day’s heat. While playing

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Healthy Smiles: Why is it so important to have a hygienist clean your teeth?

MANY PEOPLE often ask us why it is so important to have a hygienist clean your teeth at least every six months. Here are some answers that often help my

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The dangers of gum disease

| Preventing periodontal problems is essential for overall health and well-being | MILLIONS OF AMERICANS have a silent disease working in their mouths and they don’t even know it. It’s

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Word of Mouth: How cavities develop

Cavities are one of the most common issues affecting our teeth. A mainstay of childhood dental concerns, cavities can also affect adults. Knowing how cavities develop is vital to protecting