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All about Allergies

Whether you call it seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis or hay fever, it affects millions of people worldwide and is very common. There are 2 main types of allergic rhinitis: Seasonal

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Pop Quiz: Is It Chronic Cough Due to Allergies, or Something Else?

Get to the Bottom of Your Chronic Cough By Answering these Questions Most people don’t consider a little cough something that is serious enough to see the doctor about.  However,


PCMA LETTER: How to manage allergies

‘Nothing to Sneeze At’ Is Right The theme for this edition, which focuses on how to manage allergies, is definitely nothing to sneeze at.  Allergies, whether environmental or food-related, can

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Editor’s Dose: An allergy alert and chemosis cautions

WELL, I THINK IT’S SAFE to say that spring has most definitely sprung. It’s that time of year when you walk outside your door and notice your car has a

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Top Docs Feature: Q&A with Delanie and Gordon Watson

Patients talk with CFHN about their healthcare provider, Dr. Japinder Singh “MY HUSBAND was very, very sick when I met him,” says Delaine Watson. Gordon had all manner of problems

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The itching, sneezing, burning questions

Getting answers on allergy season Dr. George Lyle specializes in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at the Barranco Clinic in Winter Haven. He often sees patients suffering from allergies.