Pediatric Health: Essential Checklist for Back to School Health

Pediatric Health: Essential Checklist for Back to School Health

As students get ready to head back into class, it’s important for parents to make sure their children are ready and prepared. There are several health-related items that should be on your radar as you get your kids ready for the new school year. Consult your child’s pediatrician and add these items to your back to school checklist to ensure your little ones have a healthy start to their new school year.


Annual Physical

Right before school is a great time to take your child in for their annual physical.  Many schools require certain vaccinations before a child can enroll.  Your Pediatrician will make sure their vaccinations are all up to date during the appointment.  They’ll also check to see if height, weight, blood pressure, etc. are all normal for their stage of development.  Preventative measures can also be taken during the appointment.  This includes getting your child a flu shot so they don’t get sick when exposed to classroom germs.


Bed Time

Kids, just like adults, need to get their beauty rest.  Sleep requirements aren’t the exact same for everyone, but most kids need at least eight hours of sleep.  Help get your kids back into a sleep routine.  Set an appropriate bedtime for your child and don’t veer too far from it on the weekends.



Germs are everywhere.  Be sure to teach your children to wash their hands after using the restroom and before going to lunch or eating a snack.  Also encourage them not to share food or drinks with other kids.


Eat Your Vegetables

Help your kids eat healthy by stocking up on fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, and lean proteins.  Pack these healthy lunches for them to take to school.


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BIO: Raul Barroso, DO MPH, an Orlando, Florida native, completed his medical degree at Nova Southeastern University and his residency at University of Florida, Jacksonville.  Dr. Barroso specializes in pediatrics and has been practicing medicine for six years.  To schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Barroso, call Pediatric Partners at (863) 940-0918.


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