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Each month we honor extraordinary individuals who make a difference in health and wellness in our area. This year’s nominees for the Health Hero Award have been featured in past issues of the Central Florida Health News.

Kia Troutman

Kia Troutman knows cancer. She knows how it killed her grandparents and a co-worker.  She knows what her 61-year-old cousin in Mississippi, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is going through.  Read more>>

Brenn Hines

Superheroes don’t get days off! In August of 2017, Haines City firefighter Brenn Hines had an experience that his training had prepared him for.  Read more>>

Asher Camp

When Asher Camp was born five years ago, life was good for his parents, Amanda and Jeremy Camp, and their two girls. They welcomed their new son and watched him grow and progress. Read more>>

Brittany Schirm

Brittany Schirm gets up each morning, gets dressed, eats breakfast, then boards the van to go to work.  Read more>>

Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams was almost 15 years old when the juvenile version of macular degeneration – Stargardt disease –  began to take his eyesight.  Read more>>

Robert Weis

Robert Weis knows one thing about diabetics: “There are two kinds: Ones who don’t care and ones who do care.”  Read more>>

Tom Grothouse

Tom Grothouse worked in the fields of education and airlines much of his life, but his most recent years have been spent teaching children life-saving skills that prevent drowning.  Read more>>

Britainny Palmer

Britainny Palmer may look like an ordinary mother, but she struggles with health issues that few have. Despite the obstacles created by her own body.  Read more>>

Dr. Mitsie Vargas

To be a hero it’s generally understood that a quality characteristic would be facing fears and the consequent bravery necessary for saving people, and in this case, beloved pets.  Read more>>

Dr. Rosemarie Lamm

Dr. Lamm, the director of the Rath ConNEXTions Center in Lakeland, is eager to share what she’s learned and equally eager to learn what others share.  Read more>>

Pattie Johnson

When a patient makes an appointment at the Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine clinic in Lakeland, there’s a good chance that someone along the way, they will be in contact with Pattie Johnson.  Read more>>