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Medical Visits 24/7 Free of Charge for Polk County’s Hurricane Irma Victims

 Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center and Lake Wales Medical Center Offer Hurricane Relief Telehealth Medical Visits With Virtual Health Connect UPDATE: Offer now available through Monday, September 18, 2017 DAVENPORT, FL

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Pediatric Health: Essential Checklist for Back to School Health

As students get ready to head back into class, it’s important for parents to make sure their children are ready and prepared. There are several health-related items that should be

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Editor’s Dose: Making Time for Your Mental Health

  Inside this edition, we’re talking about ways to improve mental health through treatment, exercise, diet, and more.  There’s one discussion, however, that recently became a trending topic on social

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Word of Mouth: Taking a Bite Out of Occlusions

An occlusion is your dentist’s way to describe your bite, or the way your top teeth come in contact with your bottom teeth when you close your mouth.  Your bite

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Mental Health Moment: The Nature vs. Nurture Debate

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the question of nature versus nurture has been debated.  So, which is it?  The best answer I ever heard from a professor was,

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Health Facts: Obesity as a Disease

Obesity is a term commonly associated with being heavy or overweight.  Not many people realize that it also describes a spectrum of medical conditions that are associated with excess weight.

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Healthy Cook: Better Ways to Snack in the Office or After School

A few cookies or a candy bar is quick and easy, however, they are loaded with empty calories.  Snacks don’t have to be empty calories and, with a little planning,

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Senior Health: Preventing the Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors

With our elderly populations living longer, our focus at Comfort Keepers is to increase quality of life through our in-home care.  Our goal is to make these additional years as

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Medical Advice: Back to Basics for Back-to-School Healthy Habits

As students and families prepare to return to school, the Florida Department of Health in Polk County (DOH-Polk) wants to remind residents to take the proper steps to stay healthy

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Publisher’s Note: Keep Your Mind Healthy, Sharp, and Feeling Good

In this edition of Central Florida Health News, you’ll read about some of the conditions of the mind, as well as steps you can take to help prevent the onset