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Patient Care: Doctors and Diabetes

  Q&A with Pauline Lowe on Taking Advantage of All the Education Resources for Optimum Diabetes Management Over 29 million Americans are living with diabetes, and another 86 million are

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Caring for Seniors: How to help seniors avoid scams and fraud

FLORIDA HAS ITS fair share of scams and fraud, and many of these illegal schemes target the elderly. According to the FDIC, thieves and scam artists target seniors who have

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On the Pulse: What’s in the works for local medical facilities in 2017

DURING THE RECENT HOLIDAYS and as the New Year dawned, the hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices of Central Florida were getting into the spirit of giving while providing superior healthcare

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Watch for signs: Screen all patients for suicidal thoughts

THE SUICIDE OF A PATIENT is a tragedy for any physician. Patients with suicidal thoughts or ideation appear occasionally in physician encounters. The Joint Commission recently noted that the rate

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Medical Memoirs: Dr. Donald Arey, Jr.

Vascular surgeon trades a career in the operating room for adventures in the classroom and beyond IN 1998, after 26 years of private practice, Dr. Donald Arey, Jr., decided he

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Medical tourism is on the rise

Patients willing to go the extra mile for health services SABRINA FREY was running out of options when she reached out to a doctor she found through Facebook. Suffering from

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Cancer clinical trials forum explores recruitment opportunities

Forum participants discuss challenges and solutions for getting more participation from Florida patients CANCER PATIENTS who participate in clinical trials get access to state-of-the-art and therapeutic technologies. But attracting cancer

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Publisher’s Note: Fighting misinformation about the Zika virus

WHEN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE healthcare officials and providers are pressed into service to battle a healthcare emergency, one of the places they can almost always find themselves fighting is the

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Fulfillment in the journey: Dr. Sookdeo traverses the road of family medicine

BY THE AGE OF 18, Trishanna Sookdeo, MD, MPH decided she wanted to pursue a career in medicine or science. Luckily for the citizens of Polk County, she chose the

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Technological advancements helping to reshape senior care

AARP study reveals Floridians’ preference for in-home care and opportunity for the state NEW TECHNOLOGY and modern solutions are reshaping the way we work, live, and retire. A new AARP