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Medical Memoirs: Endocrinology Care in Winter Haven

Dr. Christopher Miller on Looking Beyond the Practice and at the Patient Dr. Christopher Miller is an endocrinologist at Bond Clinic based in Winter Haven.  Walking into his office gives

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Medical Memoirs: OB/GYN Physician

Dr. Erin Best on Why Being an OB/GYN was Her Best Choice   It takes a good sense of humor and a lot of flexibility to bring new life into

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Ideas for Your Group or Company to Participate in GEHFM It’s May, and besides the fast-approach of summer vacation for our kids, the business world keeps moving.  This month, the

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Ideas to Help Get Your Senior Clients Moving this National Senior Health & Fitness Day This May 31st is National Senior Health & Fitness Day, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to

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    CALENDAR OF EVENTS May and June support groups, classes, events and fundraisers

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Physician Income Rising, along with Debt, According to Medscape Data Physician incomes are rising, but so is debt, according to two of the latest Medscape surveys.  Some doctors carry debt

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On the Pulse: Medical Facilities of Polk County

The Watchmen Device, Amulet Device, Additional Locations, New Providers to the Region, and More Spring is well under way, and the hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices around Central Florida are

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Care Conversation: Medical Malpractice Insurance

It’s Time to Reset the Medical Malpractice Insurance Discussion We spoke with more than 800 doctors, practice managers, and group administrators across the country last year.  The message was clear:

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Patient Care: Doctors and Diabetes

  Q&A with Pauline Lowe on Taking Advantage of All the Education Resources for Optimum Diabetes Management Over 29 million Americans are living with diabetes, and another 86 million are

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Caring for Seniors: How to help seniors avoid scams and fraud

FLORIDA HAS ITS fair share of scams and fraud, and many of these illegal schemes target the elderly. According to the FDIC, thieves and scam artists target seniors who have