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Pharmacy celebrates 52 years of service

  Efficiency at its Best with Five Pharmacies in One Over half a century’s worth of caring for the community and surrounding area is what the Mulberry Pharmacy has accomplished

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People can now become organ donors through Facebook

  On Tuesday, May 1, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that users in the United States and United Kingdom will be able enroll as organ donors through the

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The web exclusive feature sneak peak

   18 Must-Know Myths of Nicotine Replacement Therapy If you were not able to make it to the Polk County Medical Association Dinner Meeting on April 19, then here’s what

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Then and Now of Practicing Ophthalmology

Two Doctors Give a Specialist’s Perspective on the Ever Changing Field of Medicine Fifth century B.C. Sanskrit manuscripts describe the earliest type of cataract surgery known as couching and more

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Focusing on quality and safety

  One-of-a-Kind Medical Training Facility Open in Tampa The University of South Florida is taking to heart the old adage “practice makes perfect.” Their new medical training facility in downtown Tampa, which

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Publisher’s Note: A new possibility in telemedicine

  Here at Central Florida Doctor we are always keeping an eye out for some interesting stories to share. Recently, we came across an interesting bit of information for an

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A quick tour of Google+

  In 2011 Google launched a new breed of social networking called Google+. The intention of this social media platform is to provide an amalgamation of several services we already

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Medical Memoirs: Q & A on being a hospitalist in this fast-growing subspecialty

The projected demand for hospitalists is increasing, so we asked Dr. Alex Viegas, a hospitalist at Winter Haven’s Gessler Clinic and Polk County Medical Association member, what it means to

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A close look at PCMA and its mission

  To Better Serve Patients and the Community “Through the years, the practice of medicine has changed and the Polk County Medical Association has evolved right along with those changes.

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Ultresa and Viokace approved by the FDA

  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved two new products to assist in ensuring the adequate supply of medications used to help aid food digestion. The FDA