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New Technology for Spinal Surgery Being Used Locally

Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center has proudly announced that it is the first hospital in Florida to begin using a new procedure for spinal surgery that eliminates the need

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Oral Insulin Innovation

New Alternative to Insulin Shot Being Tested Some good news is on the horizon for those struggling with Type 2 diabetes. The FDA is moving closer towards the release of

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A Heart for Helping

Florida Polytechnic University Conducting Research on Fetal and Maternal ECG Signals by MARY TOOTHMAN Florida Polytechnic University’s Dr. Muhammad Ullah, professor of computer engineering, is hard at work on a

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Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the most treatable form of blindness worldwide. Millions of cataract surgeries are performed each year, restoring patients to functional visual status. Over the past 40-50 years, cataract surgery

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Medical Memoirs

Dr. Michelle Henne is Giving Back to the Community Through Her Sports Medicine Expertise Michelle Henne, MD, CAQSM, is making a difference in the field of sports medicine. She has

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Fighting Opioids

New Opioid Law Limits Prescriptions for Acute Pain A woman in her early 20s had abdominal surgery. Afterwards, she was prescribed opiates for pain, which led to addiction and a

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Trauma System Battles

New Regulations for Trauma Centers in Florida Earlier this year, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that could end the recent legal drama surrounding Florida’s trauma centers. The compromise

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AMA Takes On Medical Tourism

American Medical Association Outlines New Guidelines As Medical Tourism Grows When the American Medical Association whispers, doctors and patients listen. That’s why the 171-year-old organization dedicated to improving the practice

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Legislative Wrap-Up

  Medical Industry Experts Weigh-In on What Happened During this Year’s Florida Legislative Session   The Florida Medical Association (FMA) continued its fight during this year’s Legislative Session against efforts

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Caring For Seniors: Technology Helps

Four Ways Technology can Benefit Senior Patients It’s long been a cliché that seniors are wary of all the “new-fangled” technology that comes out, but we in the home healthcare