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A New Angle for Healthcare Careers

Florida Polytechnic University Offers New Health Systems Engineering Program by PAUL CATALA Michael Ortiz’s plan is a career in health informatics once he graduates with his degree from Florida Polytechnic

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Resolutions of Resilience

Seven Habits for Healthcare Workers on the Edge of Burnout by GARY R. SIMONDS, MD,MHCDS & WAYNE M. SOTILE, PHD It’s easy for healthcare workers to fixate on the dark

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On the Pulse

Healthcare professionals across the area finish 2020 on a strong note with accomplishments and awards. The year 2020 is one for the history books, and what a year it has

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Care After Crisis

Watson Clinic’s Dr. Kathleen Haggerty Opens Post-COVID Care Clinic by TERESA SCHIFFER By this point, you’re likely ready to be done with COVID-19. It has dominated just about every aspect

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Glaucoma and Dry Eyes

Eye doctors are excited this year with 2021 rolling in. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to shine some light on eye care topics that we would like to highlight.

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November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

We have heard the term a lot, diabetes. What is it, and what should I know about keeping my eyes healthy? Although diabetes can affect many parts of your body,

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The Cutting Edge

Dr. Haq Brings Expertise in Robotic Cardiothoracic Surgery to Bostick Heart Center by TERESA SCHIFFER The future is now! At least, it seems that way when we consider the incredible

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On the Pulse

Our Healthcare Specialists Are Working Harder Than Ever! Don’t Miss Out on All the Excitement of New Hires and Recognition Despite the challenges of the last nine months, Central Florida’s

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Protecting Our Elderly

Psychologist Explains Dynamic of Suicide Among Seniors and Lists Precautions Doctors and Family Can Take by TERESA SCHIFFER For many of us, when we think of suicide, we picture the

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Healthy Aging

While aging is a fact of life that one cannot escape, there are specific measures that can be taken to ensure the best possible vision as you age. The following