Caring For Seniors: Technology Helps

Caring For Seniors: Technology Helps

Four Ways Technology can Benefit Senior Patients

It’s long been a cliché that seniors are wary of all the “new-fangled” technology that comes out, but we in the home healthcare industry can tell you that technology offers clear benefits to seniors’ health and overall quality of life. At the end of the day, with a little bit of coaching and a few lessons, most seniors are happy to embrace technology, and their caregivers are happy knowing their clients are healthier, safer, and more content because of it.

Beneficial Forms of Technology for Seniors
1. The connections of social media and video chatting. One of the top complaints seniors have is they don’t see their family enough. Video chatting makes visiting with far-off relatives a reality. Furthermore, seniors can also reconnect with old friends, military buddies, or even high school sweethearts. Caregivers and seniors can do this together.

2. Additional safety. Technology offers an array of ways to help keep seniors safe. There’s home monitoring systems that help a senior’s home stay safe from fire and carbon monoxide and secure from break-ins; Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), which allow seniors to call for help at the push of a button; and medication control devices that help seniors take their daily medications correctly and on time. Comfort Keepers offers safety tech products because we know how beneficial this type of technology can be for seniors who want to remain independent and in their own homes.

3. Encouraging exercise. The benefits of exercise are numerous, especially for seniors. There are a number of game consoles that offer seniors the opportunity to play and move around, such as the Nintendo Wii. Furthermore, the wide array of strategy and word games available on computer, phones, tablets and the Internet will also exercise seniors’ brains, which is just as important as physical exercise.

4. Tracking Senior Health. Senior health can also be tracked using online tools that keep track of doctor’s appointments, medications, procedures, and more to keep a senior’s medical history all at the family’s and caregiver’s fingertips.

At Comfort Keepers, we foster and encourage the use of technology to help our senior clients realize technology’s full health benefits.



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BIO: Tracy Kelley is the owner/operator of Comfort Keepers of Polk County. For over 14 years, she has been leading professional and extensively-trained caregivers to help seniors of Central Florida maintain their quality of life. Her motto— and that of Comfort Keepers of Polk County— is “we get to help the hands that built America.” For more information about Comfort Keepers, visit or call (863) 292-6199.

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