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Stay Hydrated this Fall with these Facts and Stats!

The season for fall sports is upon us, and while that may mean crisp air and cool fall temperatures for the rest of the country, Florida is still a hot


Support Systems and Cancer

Breast cancer is one of those conditions which frightens everyone just by the mention of the words. This certainly frightened one family of four from the time the diagnosis was


Facts About Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To honor that I wanted to discuss some facts about a disease that still affects one in every eight women in the US. Breast


Avoid Stained Teeth with These Helpful Tips

Luz Cubero-Perez Dental Assistant, Haines City Dental Having a healthy smile is important for your overall mental and physical health. Maintaining proper hygiene goes beyond just brushing twice a day


Macular Degeneartion (AMD)

By Neil J. Okun, M.D. Board Certified Ophthalmologist   Macular Degeneration affects one in five people aged 70-84. The major risk factors for Macular Degeneration include family history, smoking, uncontrolled


Oral Hygiene and Your Mental Health

The connection between mental health and overall health is under-researched in the medical community, and this is true of the connection between mental health and oral health as well. Healthcare


LASIK and Other Popular Refractive Procedures

Refractive surgery is designed to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism to effectively reduce dependency on eyeglasses and contacts. The most popular refractive procedure is LASIK, which stands for


Bridging the Gap Between a Healthy and Unhealthy Smile

Bridges and crowns are both great tools to help improve your smile if you have cracked, chipped, missing, or damaged teeth. While new techniques like dental veneers and bonding are


Diabetes Mellitus: Not Just About Controlling Your Blood Sugar

Ever too often, I encounter patient who are diabetic and practice blood sugar monitoring only. Diabetes mellitus is a condition that affects all organ systems. It is important that patients

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September is Suicide Prevention Month

By Mary Joye, LMHC We probably all agree there needs to be more than one month set aside for suicide awareness. Statistically and tragically, there are on average, one-hundred-twenty-one suicides