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Smoking Can Lead to Amputations

While most people are familiar with the devastating consequences of smoking on their lungs (COPD, cancer), heart (coronary artery disease) or brain (stroke), its direct relation to limb loss escapes

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Glaucoma and Dry Eyes

Eye doctors are excited this year with 2021 rolling in. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to shine some light on eye care topics that we would like to highlight.

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Where Soul Meets Body

Yoga Can Increase Well-Being Through Meditation, Exercise, Spirituality By PAUL CATALA With roots dating as far back as 5,000 B.C. in India when the spiritual and ascetic discipline was first

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Pop Quiz! Celebrating Cervical Cancer Awareness Month With the Facts

Do you know what type of cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer death for women? The answer is cervical cancer. Thankfully, an increase in awareness and testing

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A Nose for COVID-19

Central Florida Company Trains Canines to Detect Virus by JULIE GMITTER In 2020, many people adapted to the changing health crisis — whether it meant conducting business differently, working from

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Winter Haven Operating Room Technician Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Surgery and Journey by TERESA SCHIFFER photos by APRIL SPAULDING Elizabeth Lawhorne was living a life of frustration and