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Healthy Aging

While aging is a fact of life that one cannot escape, there are specific measures that can be taken to ensure the best possible vision as you age. The following

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Hands-On Experience

Florida Poly Researchers Develop Technology to Train Surgeons by PAUL CATALA In the past, doctors and surgeons in training would have to work on a dummy or mannequin or perhaps

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Striking a Balance

BayCare Chief Nursing Officer Using Circumstances to Shape Collaborative Approach to New Role by TIM CRAIG A pair of close-up medical experiences helped shape a young Misty Holland into a

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The Success Formula

For Medical Practices, Lease Negotiations Go Beyond Location by TIM CRAIG The classic adage in real estate is “location, location, location.” However, for small medical practices looking to lease, renew

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On the Pulse

Despite Trying Times, Polk County Healthcare Personnel Rise to Top With Recognitions, New Positions Summer is winding down, but the healthcare providers of Central Florida are still going strong. Despite

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A Closer Look at Cryptogenic Stroke

A cryptogenic stroke (CS) is defined as cerebral ischemia of obscure or unknown origin. The cause of CS remains undetermined because the event is transitory or reversible, investigations did not

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Medically a stye is called a hordeolum.  If we look at the eyelid’s anatomy, particularly the lid margin, you will find the lashes, and beside the lashes is the opening

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Back to School

Doctors Discuss Safety, Logistics of Education During Pandemic by TERESA SCHIFFER It’s back-to-school season again – but this time there’s a twist. COVID-19 infection rates and deaths are still on

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The Vaccination Question

Doctor Explains Why Immunizations Are So Critical, Even During Pandemic by TERESA SCHIFFER As we enter flu season while in the midst of a raging pandemic, the topic of vaccinations

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Get Trained, STAT!

Polk Schools Offer Array of Medical Programs to Prepare Students for Booming Healthcare Fields by MARY TOOTHMAN The healthcare sector is booming, and people all across the country are taking