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Dental Care Reminders for Patients with Heart Conditions or History of Stroke

If you or a loved one struggles with heart disease, you probably already know that it has a big impact on your life.  You may not have realized, however, that

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Advice for Aging Eyes

While aging is a fact of life that one cannot escape, there are certain measures that can be taken to ensure the best possible vision as you age. The following

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Love Your Oral Hygiene This Valentine’s Day

Investing in your personal health should always be one of your top priorities. For this reason alone, you should always maintain healthy oral hygiene routines to help maintain your physical

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Persistent Stomach Aches? You May Have Gallstones

In previous columns we explored the gallbladder and its role in digestion. What we have not yet talked about are the symptoms that gallstones can cause and the management options

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De-Stressing 101

Stress Avoidance a Key Factor For A Healthy Heart By Mary Toothman Many people are careful to wear seatbelts, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. But many may be

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Local Experts Weigh-In On the Fight Against Heart Disease

By Matt Norman It is a common misconception that heart disease is a men’s problem. While this is a major problem for men, it doesn’t mean women are safe. In

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Wake Up to Sleeping Disorders

Sleep Apnea Puts Your Heart Health At Risk by Catherine Cervone If you snore so loudly you’re constantly waking your partner up, you’re falling asleep at the wheel, or you’re

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Pop Quiz: Physical Activity Recommendations for a Healthy Heart

By Erika Aldrich Heart health is on a lot of people’s minds during the beginning of the year, but it should be a major focus year-round as heart disease is


Local Mother Achieves Degree Despite Health Challenges

by TERESA SCHIFFER Britainny Palmer may look like an ordinary mother, but she struggles with health issues that few have. Despite the obstacles created by her own body, she has

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Oral Insulin Innovation

New Alternative to Insulin Shot Being Tested Some good news is on the horizon for those struggling with Type 2 diabetes. The FDA is moving closer towards the release of