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What Facebook’s New Changes Mean for Medical Service Marketing Pros

In a major move to put the “social” back into its social network, Facebook is changing the ground rules for content that hits its users’ news feeds. The changes, currently

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Midtown Dental Expands in Response to Overwhelming Customer Demand

Dr. Nicole Klein Joins the Midtown Dental Team Lakeland, FL – January 2018 – In response to an overwhelming influx in patients Midtown Dental has expanded in multiple ways. “As


What You Need to Know About Pediatric Heart Murmurs

We all want our children to be healthy and active, so what do you do when your child is diagnosed with a heart murmur? Well, the short answer is, nothing.


Wine: Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Wine is a favorite beverage of many people, and the various studies indicating wine’s heart healthfulness have been greeted with cheers. However, while the antioxidants in certain wines may be


The Four Killer ‘Bs’ of Health

Do you know your health numbers? There are four numbers that can help paint a better picture of your health, and this is something you should be discussing with your


Pilonidal Cysts— A Pain in the . . .

Pilonidal cysts and sinuses are conditions that occur from hairs growing downward into the skin and deeper tissues, usually in the region of the lower back and tailbone. Pilonidal cysts

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Pop Quiz: Heart Attack Versus Congestive Heart Failure

Test Your Knowledge and Know the Difference between CHF and a Heart Attack by ERIKA ALDRICH Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, causing approximately

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When Neck Pain Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Local Heart Disease Survivor, Mary Hunt, Shares Her Diagnosis and Treatment Story by TERESA SCHIFFER Do you know what the number one killer of women is, causing one in three

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Exercise Helps Keep Hearts Young & Happy

Polk Senior Games Include a Heap of Heart-Healthy Activities by MARY TOOTHMAN Introducing or stepping-up regular exercise programs can result in dramatic improvements to the lives of the 65 and

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Is It Cardiomyopathy or a Heart Attack?

Knowing the Difference and Getting Treatment Early Could Save Your Life story by CHERYL ROGERS portrait by LUIS BETANCOURT When it comes to women and heart disease, it’s not one