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Community: Preventing Accidents and Injuries Around the Home

From Falls to Fires, Discover How to Reduce Common Household Hazards Do you know what the leading cause of death for people between the ages of one and 44 is

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Medical Update: Men’s Urination Problems

Physician Now Offering UroLift® Procedure for Men with Urination Problems Dr. Kenneth Essig, a Winter Haven urological surgeon, has become the first doctor in Polk County to offer the minimally

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Man-to-Man Talk: Preventing Cancer and Other Health Risks

A Cancer Survivor and a Local Physician Share their Unique Perspectives Arnold Henig was 69 years-old when he was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), a type of cancer that occurs

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Pop Quiz: Is It Chronic Cough Due to Allergies, or Something Else?

Get to the Bottom of Your Chronic Cough By Answering these Questions Most people don’t consider a little cough something that is serious enough to see the doctor about.  However,

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Medical Memoirs: OB/GYN Physician

Dr. Erin Best on Why Being an OB/GYN was Her Best Choice   It takes a good sense of humor and a lot of flexibility to bring new life into

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Health Facts: Trishanna Sookdeo column

Painless neck swelling? Palpitations? Poor mood? It might be your thyroid gland   The thyroid gland is an endocrine organ found in the front of your neck. It secretes thyroid

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Stepping Up the Focus on Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Advocates Say Teen Pregnancy is a Social Issue that Impacts All of Us— Not Just Parents and Teens Raising awareness about teen pregnancy prevention is spotlighted in May, but for devoted

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Editor’s Dose

Summertime Survival Tips for Parents Before you know it, it will be the last day of school, and we will be diving head first into the summer season.  There will

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Ideas for Your Group or Company to Participate in GEHFM It’s May, and besides the fast-approach of summer vacation for our kids, the business world keeps moving.  This month, the


PCMA LETTER: How to manage allergies

‘Nothing to Sneeze At’ Is Right The theme for this edition, which focuses on how to manage allergies, is definitely nothing to sneeze at.  Allergies, whether environmental or food-related, can