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Health Facts: The ABCs of bone health

For better bones, activity, bone density, and calcium intake are key BONES … The framework of your body is a living tissue that is constantly broken down, replaced, and needs

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Q&A on the continued care needed to combat childhood obesity

Jessica Maxwell, ARNP, offers insight from the front lines of the weight-loss battle LESS THAN FIVE years ago, childhood obesity was recognized as a significant public health threat in Polk

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Fall 2016 healthcare coverage update

What you need to know about healthcare plan changes affecting your coverage MEDICAL CARE is expensive. You, or whoever ever pays the bill, may feel like a worm on a

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Family Health: Is it a headache or migraine?

WHEN A HEADACHE HITS, it can prove to be debilitating. Headaches often come with sensitivity to light, sound, and smells, throbbing temples, and even nausea and vomiting. Headaches can last

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Editor’s Dose: A thank-you note to teachers and educators

AS A MOTHER, you experience so many emotions on the first day of school. You want your child to be excited, confident, and safe. But, you also have a countless

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Medical Advice: Drain and cover reminders to prevent mosquito bites

AS FLORIDA’S LATE-AFTERNOON showers continue to roll in, the standing water around our homes, schools, and areas of recreation continue to swell. While this may put a damper on an