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Word of Mouth: Facts and myths about wisdom teeth — what you need to know

WHEN IT COMES to wisdom teeth and myths, the tall tales rank right up there with toads causing warts! You’ll hear a lot of information about wisdom teeth, but not

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Parker plays his part to help his fellow man

Raising awareness at Walk to Cure Arthritis Tampa event, and beyond PARKER LENTINI, a local 16-year-old with a different story to tell, was an active kid who enjoyed sports. When

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A survivor’s take on prostate cancer

New technologies, support, and awareness give hope ONCE A MONTH, a small group of men meet at the Watson Clinic Cancer & Research Center. They all have one thing in

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Surgery Facts: Chronic acid reflux? You may have a hernia

MOST FOLKS associate a hernia with a swelling in the groin or belly, but the term can be broadly applied to any unnatural defect that exists in the body. Hiatal

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Medical Advice: Five easy steps to preserve a man’s health

JUNE IS MEN’S HEALTH MONTH. This is an important time of year to bring heightened awareness to preventable health problems and encourage routine doctor’s visits for early detection and treatment

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Healthy Skin: Seniors and the increased risk of skin cancer

OUR SKIN needs protection at any age, but it’s doubly important for seniors. As we age, the likelihood of developing skin cancer increases so much that nearly 50 percent of