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Where Florida ranks in WalletHub’s ‘2016 Best & Worst States for Doctors’

WITH THE ENORMOUS INVESTMENT of time and resources that goes into becoming a doctor, choosing a place to practice deserves careful consideration. As the Affordable Care Act and insurance reform

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Word of Mouth: Myths About Implants Debunked, Part III — Are they affordable?

IN MY LAST TWO COLUMNS, we debunked some common myths about the practicality and effectiveness of dental implants. Now let’s talk affordability. Nearly 70 percent of adults have lost a

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Healthy Cook: Much ado about Mediterranean food

DIETS COME AND DIETS GO — South Beach, Grapefruit, Atkins, T-Factor, Cabbage Soup, Eat Just on Tuesdays in Months Without an R in Them — but one that works for

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Editor’s Dose: A thank-you letter to nurses

FROM MID-FEBRUARY to about mid-April, my family was at the doctor’s office a lot. The late-spreading flu season (although none of us in our household ever actually caught the flu

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Mental Health Moment: Isolation is alienation

Get out and about or stay in and be grim! WE USE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT to punish people. In fact, we put a limit in this country to how long we

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The rise of urgent care facilities and its relation to the consumerization of healthcare

CENTRAL FLORIDA DOCTOR caught up with Steve Sellars, the president of the Board of Directors for the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), and asked him some questions about the