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The Heart of the Matter: Benefits of olive oil for stopping strokes

IF YOU LOVE the Mediterranean-style diet and are concerned about the dangers of strokes, rejoice! This is good vascular health news for you. A 2011 study found that the consumption

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Medical Advice: Resources available for people living with HIV and AIDS

AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2014, 2,107 individuals were reported as “People Living With HIV and AIDS” (PLWHA) in Polk County. From January 1 to December 31, 2014, there were 112

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Publisher’s Note: The most comprehensive medical directory for the region is here!

THIS MONTH marks a very special time of year for us at Central Florida Media Group. Inserted within this issue of Central Florida Health News, you’ll find the sixth annual

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PCMA Letter: My last letter as your president

IN THIS EDITION of Central Florida Health News magazine, you’ll read about some of the procedures that not only help improve the patient’s physical health, but also quality of life,

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Family Health: Cold vs. flu

AS WE HEAD INTO the height of flu season, it can be difficult to tell if you have the flu or are simply experiencing symptoms of a common cold. While

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Getting a roadmap to clarity on women’s breast health

Local event addresses health concerns for new screening guidelines WHEN NEW GUIDELINES for breast cancer screening were released October 20 by the American Cancer Society (ACS), the public reaction was

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In My Opinion … with Dr. Joy Jackson

CENTRAL FLORIDA DOCTOR (CFDr): In your opinion, what are some of the top medical concerns for baby boomers in Florida?

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Making senior health a walk in the park

A Q&A with Dr. Manuel Jain on prevention and safety as you age CENTRAL FLORIDA HEALTH NEWS (CFHN): What do you share with your senior patients about the importance of

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Word of Mouth: Good tricks to know and treats you should keep to a minimum

FROM HALLOWEEN to the New Year, it seems as though both our mouths and our waistlines are bombarded with treats, sweets, and high-calorie foods. If you do nothing else this

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Hospice Help: Raising awareness about hospice

AN UNFOUNDED misconception by most people is the following: Hospice care only occurs within the last 72 hours in the life of a person who has a life-limiting disease. NOT