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Patient tracking and follow-up

What you don’t know about the threat to continuity of care can hurt you LAPSES IN PATIENT CARE, including follow-up, can lead to dire consequences beyond those to patient well-being.

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Medical Advice: Your flu prevention to-do list

AS YOU GATHER your “to-do” lists and prepare for the holiday season ahead, the Florida Department of Health in Polk County recommends you add one more important step — get

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Giving strength a boost and giving the ails of aging the boot

American College of Sports Medicine recommends weightlifting for senior health SENIOR CITIZENS, take note: A recent study shows you can boost brain power and bone density by pumping iron.

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Family Health: Flu shots for seniors

HE FLU is nothing to sneeze at. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 200,000 people will be hospitalized this year with the influenza virus, and

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Painting the town teal

Ovarian Cancer Support Group spreads awareness message for fellow women WOMEN WHO are diagnosed with ovarian cancer must navigate a scary range of emotions while dealing with unchartered health challenges

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Word of Mouth: Your dentist is key to early cancer detection

IT SEEMS LIKE you hear about many different kinds of cancers these days, but one that isn’t being talked about enough is oral cancer. Cancer in the mouth and throat

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Healthy Skin: Not forsaking the most common cancer

CAN YOU NAME the most common form of cancer? For your health (and information!), the answer is, by far, skin cancer. The American Cancer Society maintains that of the main

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Healthy Smiles: Cautions for the smoker on the increased use of e-cigarettes

ACCORDING TO RECENT studies, oral cancer rates among women and young people have increased! Although a variety of factors are to blame, the increasing use of e-cigarette products could be

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The Heart of the Matter: New study gives women one more good reason to get their mammograms

AS A CARDIOLOGIST who sees many female patients, I encourage all of them to receive regular mammograms in order to take preventive action and precautions against breast cancer. However, a

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Samantha Haverty Wiemer shares the story of her fight against breast cancer

A fighter’s take on the disease and her four keys to survival HOW DO YOU TELL YOUR CHILD you have been diagnosed with breast cancer — especially when that child