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Medical Advice: It IS worse than a dog’s bark — Preventing animal bite wounds

DOGS OFTEN ARE referred to as man’s best friend. Most are known to be loyal, loving, and friendly. Though these pets can bring smiles to many faces, it is also

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The Golden Care Unit at LWMC

Getting gears in motion for mental health in the elderly MEDICAL ISSUES can be scary at any time or in any form, but mental health issues — especially in an

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Healthy Cook: Can the right diet help with clinical depression?

SOME DAYS you just don’t feel like doing much. That’s normal. If most days are like that, it’s not normal. You could have clinical depression. A visit to your doctor

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Reducing stress during your back-to-school shopping

THE FIRST DAY of school for public schools in Polk County is August 24. By the time this note hits the street, the pressures to have all the supplies taken

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Pop quiz on recognizing mental illness — and reaching out for help

Test your knowledge of warning signs and symptoms, plus how to address them THERE’S NO DOUBT that there is a stigma placed on mental health issues in the U.S., so

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Healthy Smiles: Time for a back-to-school smile that shines

SMILES ARE IMPORTANT. They can boost your self-image in a way that helps you focus on what’s really important, like making the grade at school or acing that interview for