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Publisher’s Note: Putting our ‘safety’ cap on

BESIDES JUNE being Men’s Health Month, it’s also National Safety Month. How we hope to help make a difference in the community by bringing to light some safety topics that

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Fishing safety tips to cast by

OUR SON has just turned four years old, and Daddy recently bought him a fishing pole. Our first mistake was that we only bought one for him, and not one

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Healthy Smiles: How well do you and your partner sleep?

SNORING IS NO is no laughing matter. We all know someone who snores. Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep, which can lead to daytime fatigue, irritability, poor behavior,

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Word of Mouth: The dangers of tobacco for your oral health

IT’S NO SECRET that smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know that it can be especially devastating to your oral health, too? Smoking has a negative effect

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Something to spit at: All Children’s researchers to study saliva samples

RESEARCHERS at All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine will begin to study the saliva of young cancer patients to learn if spit might prove more beneficial than blood to use

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Family Health: How a colonoscopy can save your life

THOUGH COLONOSCOPIES might not be the most pleasant of medical procedures, they are certainly one of the most important. When caught early, colon cancer is highly curable; when caught too

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Medical Advice: Swimming safety reminders for the water-bound

THE FLORIDA SUMMER is upon us, which means bathing suit and barbeque season is here. Summer swimming is the perfect way to cool off from the day’s heat. While playing

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The Heart of the Matter: The little-known fact of high blood pressure

IN MY FIRST column for Central Florida Health News, I wanted to get down to the heart of the matter on a topic that’s often left unaddressed for men: erectile

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On the Pulse: A growing medical community, county health rankings, and more

THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY in the region is growing, with new physicians and services for residents. The Florida Department of Health in Polk County continues to measure health outcomes and released

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Medical Memoirs: Dr. Regina Ason’s journey to radiology

DR. REGINA ASON decided to be a doctor because of her father. Dr. Rafael Ason is a cardiologist, and his passion for science and healing was infectious while she was