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Bonus Q&A: Facts vs. fiction of male ‘menopause’

These bonus questions are part of a Q&A featured in the June 2014 edition of Central Florida Health News, which publishes May 28.  To read the full Q&A, please see

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A little fun for a worthy cause

It’s already May, which means summer is just around the corner. While fun in the sun is mostly left to our children during this season, there is an event coming

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Who Is phishing for your PHI?

Discussing HIPAA security and your protected health information An email arrives in your inbox tomorrow from someone working at one of the large insurance companies.  It tells you that someone

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Medical Memoirs: On the path to patient care

The paths we are to follow in life are not always clearly laid out. Such is the case with Dr. Maria Martino of Lakeland Ob/Gyn, a Fellow member of the

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On the Pulse: What’s Happening: Young mom successfully recovers from stroke, and more

Doctors make a lot of sacrifices, putting in long hours, working with patients who are sometimes very sick.  A favorable outcome is never assured.  So it’s always gratifying when all

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What more time for the ICD-10 conversion means to you

Q&A with Judy Monestime, expert on the what, when, where, and how of the new medical coding/billing system For some in the medical field, the delay to the ICD-10 conversion

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In My Opinion: Weighing in on Affordable Care Act delays

In your opinion, how is the medical community being affected by the extended deadline to sign-up for plans under the Affordable Care Act? Just when I thought nothing could cause

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PCMA Letter: When change is more familiar than constancy

If you are a medical professional in the industry today, then you’re here at a time when change is more familiar than constancy. With residents having new health insurance under

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The ripple effects of change in the medical industry

Update on facility mergers and hospital acquisitions amidst massive amendments to healthcare Many area medical facilities have been consolidating as the industry reels from mandated changes required by the Affordable

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Publisher’s Note: New study puts value on online recommendations

When you sit back and think about the social impact that technology has had on our lives, it’s undeniable—the power of social media over our way of life has become