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Getting ready to flip the switch on ICD-10

Healthcare Providers Prepare for Major Billing Code Change Medical providers are grappling with ideas and making plans for a major change to their bill coding system on October 1, when

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Doing the math on compliance and electronic medical records

Why a Cloud-Based EMR Does NOT Equate to a HIPAA Compliant Entity Recently, a question came up that involved entities that said they are perfectly fine with HIPAA compliance because

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On the Pulse: Change is byword at healthcare facilities

2014 begins a new era in healthcare. With mandated insurance and a major billing code change in the wings, employees at some newly merged medical organizations are encountering new faces,

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PCMA Letter: Hot topics of the new year

At the beginning of the New Year, we like to address some of the topics that are on the tip of everyone’s tongues. This edition of Central Florida Doctor addresses

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As a New Year Dawns

As a New Year dawns and we prepare for the many changes that 2014 will bring to the medical industry, I wanted to take a moment to share some interesting

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Local professionals talk Electronic Medical Records

In your opinion, what are some of your most recent challenges related to EMRs and how is your office overcoming it? “Implementing an EMR (electronic medical record) system has been

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Medical Memoirs: Dr. James Lee

Dr. James Lee on Providing Personal Emergency Care When he looks back on his life years from now, what will matter most is if he left a legacy. That is

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Editor’s Dose: Part of the larger, ongoing review of antibacterial active ingredients

It’s everywhere in stores: household cleaning and personal hygiene products that tout the phrases “antibacterial” or “kills 99.9% of bacteria.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that there

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A New Year at the PCMA

Q&A with President Dr. Arvind Soni At the closing of 2013, the Polk County Medical Association (PCMA) welcomed a new president. Dr. Arvind Soni took a few moments to share

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Ask a Nurse: Weight gain and genetics

We have all heard the phrase, “I will always be overweight; it’s in my genes!” Well, according to an article on the Mayo Clinic website in June of 2013, “Obesity