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A changing magazines for a constantly changing field

  If you’re turning through the pages of Central Florida Doctor, and you’re thinking that some things look a little different, then you’re right! We’ve made some changes to the

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Q & A: The “booming” health market

As more baby boomers reach age 65 and beyond, Dr. Manuel Jain talks about the growing need for medical care to this age group. Baby boomers are entering their golden

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Dr. Glen Barden: The work these hands have done

  Last January, Polk County Medical Association member Dr. Glen Barden spent the month on a medical mission in Ethiopia, his third mission since 2008. He also spends one day

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Not just an adult disease

Find out if your child could be one of 294,000 children who suffer from juvenile arthritis. When you hear the word arthritis, the first image in your mind might be of

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War on Medicare fraud intensifies

 Recovering Funds, Preventing Fraudulent Activity, and Exercising Compliance The federal government has revved up its battle against Medicare fraud, recovering more than $14.9 billion during the last three years. Now

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Shhh! Quiet times encouraging patients to rest and sleep

We live hectic lives filled with noise from audible alarms, phones, cars, planes, barking dogs, and human voices. But things are getting quieter at some medical facilities: They have begun focusing

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Foundation holds car raffle for the betterment of local health

  The Chance to Win a New Car while Supporting the Efforts of the Polk County Medical Foundation and We Care of Polk County If you had a chance to

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Medical consolidations on the horizon and other community news

  Clark & Daughtrey Medical Group will be part of Lakeland Regional Medical Systems as of July 1. The two are merging in their effort to provide the best healthcare

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In my opinion: Doctors talk about patient noncompliance

In your opinion, what are the most common reasons when patients do not adhere to their medication schedule or treatment plan? Non-adherence to medical advice is a major obstacle to

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The ‘Get Covered America’ initiative kicks off in Tampa

In order to help raise public awareness about the new health insurance benefits and healthcare options available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a national campaign called “Get Covered America”