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Delicious food and the diabetic’s diet

It’s in the Bag Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high glucose levels caused by insufficient production of insulin. That’s a fairly simple definition for a disease that

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Coping with cancer

Tips for Helping Children with a Sick Parent Why is this happening to me? Who is going to take care of me? Children are likely to ask questions like these

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Putting out fires about diabetes

Debunking common myths that put people at more risk Nine-year-old Bryce Duncan was drinking lots of liquids, complaining of an upset stomach, and losing a lot of weight. The bathing

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Publisher’s Note: Adding a new ‘Layar’ to our print media

  At Central Florida Media Group, we’re constantly thinking about and looking for better ways to connect with our advertisers and readers. We also recognize that for print media to

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Medicine by design

  Layouts and Interior Design Strategies that Curb Stress, Promote Healing Healing gardens. Aquariums. Private rooms. Descriptions for some of Central Florida’s hospitals and doctors’ offices make them sound more

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PCMA Letter: ‘Change’ is in the air

  Many changes have been occurring in healthcare. This has resulted in changes to many practices and organizations. In the past few months we have learned that Winter Haven Hospital

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Planning ahead for holiday meals

Ways to enjoy the food without adding to the waistline The average Thanksgiving meal packs a 2,000-3,000 calorie punch, but you needn’t let it knock you off balance when it

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It’s never too late to be a world champion

Cornerstone Hospice tells the story of one patient’s special petition and life achievement “…the visual sharpness, the dexterity and skills learned through years of shooting at a rapidly flying target…

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Body, Mind & Spirit: Giving thanks by giving back

What it Means to be a Foster Family Foster parents provide a safe, nurturing home for children to heal. While there are currently about 150 licensed foster homes in Circuit