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Mommy makeover

Regaining your shape after baby After the excitement of birthing a baby, women face an inevitable reality: the post partum belly. It takes time for the body to readjust, but

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Exercise on the brain

How to keep your mind in shape You’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it.” The advice is especially pertinent for adults in their 40s and beyond. That’s because

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Tackling issues at the 2012 Legislative Session

  Helping Physicians Practice Medicine 60 days of Session.  Approximately 2,500 total bills filed. 120 members of the Florida House, and 40 Florida Senators. A professional advocacy team that flags

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Pharmacy celebrates 52 years of service

  Efficiency at its Best with Five Pharmacies in One Over half a century’s worth of caring for the community and surrounding area is what the Mulberry Pharmacy has accomplished

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People can now become organ donors through Facebook

  On Tuesday, May 1, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that users in the United States and United Kingdom will be able enroll as organ donors through the

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The web exclusive feature sneak peak

   18 Must-Know Myths of Nicotine Replacement Therapy If you were not able to make it to the Polk County Medical Association Dinner Meeting on April 19, then here’s what

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Get healthy STAT!

  Weighing in on National Statistics Take a Shot 13 percentage of parents not vaccinating children on the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended schedule. Source: U.S. CDC  

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My ‘double trouble’ story

  Being a mom of twins, I can relate to the percentage increase in twin births on a personal level. It was my first pregnancy, and I’m sure you can

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Prevention and treatment for stretch marks

Are you spinning your wheels over striae? Ahhh, stretch marks. Those dreaded angry red, purple or pink squiggles that typically show up over hip bones, on thighs and underarms, or

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One U.S. veteran and his life of service

Navy hero William D. Brinson honored by cornerstone SALUTES! Little did William D. Brinson know upon graduating St. Bernard High School in Alabama that he would live through war and