Ideas for Your Group or Company to Participate in GEHFM

It’s May, and besides the fast-approach of summer vacation for our kids, the business world keeps moving.  This month, the National Association for Health and Fitness, a 501c3 non-profit organization, calls for employers and employees to partake in Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM).  

If you or your company are interested in signing up, you can go to  By signing up, you’ll receive a tool kit with recommendations for events or challenges to help get your staff moving.  Suggestions include preparing a series of healthy meals, organizing a recurring walk or bike ride, or participating in multiple community clean-up days.  The point is, to do them together and do them throughout the month to support your fellow colleagues, as well as encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Here are a few other ideas you could do, right here in our community, with fellow team members throughout the month of May to participate in Global Employee Health & Fitness Month:

  • Take a 30-minute walk around downtown Winter Haven during your lunch hour.  Encourage employees to wear their walking shoes.  To up the ante, employers could hide some Winter Haven rocks around town, and encourage employees to look for them during their walk.  Those who find them and bring them back from their walk could be entered for a drawing.
  • Host a selfie-swan incentive walk in Lakeland.  Encourage employees and fellow staff to take a daily walk around Lakeland.  Each time they take a selfie with one of the famous decorated swan sculptures that you can find all around Lakeland, they can be entered for a drawing.
  • Host a fun-Friday healthy picnic or potluck each week in Haines City or Davenport.  There’s nothing that says fun like good food, but make it even better with a twist.  Encourage staff to prepare healthy sides to share with colleagues.  Hint: you can get a lot of great ideas from our Healthy Cook articles.  
  • Encourage your staff to volunteer in the local community, such as Lake Wales or Bartow.  There are always great opportunities to get up and get moving by helping others, and this is something you can do in any community.  As an employer, you can organize teams to volunteer for different community events throughout the month.  Get in touch with your local city office to see how to put this in motion for you and your staff during GEHFM.

I hope these ideas get your brain moving so that during the month of May you can encourage your team to get their minds and bodies moving for better health.  Thanks for reading Central Florida Doctor magazine.

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